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Leyland Eco vehicles offer a range of performing tools to ensure the cleanliness for your town or city. Vehicles can be equipped with a leaf/waste collector, tipper or a high pressure jet cleaner, providing the ideal solution for any task requiring frequent stop / starts (bin collection, cleaning of street furniture etc).

The Leyland Eco Vehicles are a revolution in the art of urban travel. Perfectly suited to city life, the environmentally friendly vehicle will sail through the congestion zone without paying a penny, thanks to the unrestricted passage of pollutant-free motors. Life with a Leyland Eco Vehicle promises to be as hassle free and economic as it can be in the city, as well as significantly costing less to operate and less to maintain than traditional diesel/petrol vehicles.

The Leyland Eco Vehicles range is dedicated to reducing environmental harm by bringing practical and reliable zero emission electric vehicles to the transport market. The Goupil G5 Hybrid vehicles offer ranges of up to 280 miles and top speeds of up to 45mph, making them ideally suited and a cost effective way for daily working life in busy urban environments.

Concerns over pollution levels throughout the world and the damage they can cause to our environment have increased. Fact - with lower vehicle maintenance/servicing costs and operating costs (compared with diesel/petrol vehicles) electric vehicles are here to stay and together we can help reduce the levels of pollution throughout our towns and cities.

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